RIOSTONES is the premier natural stone supplier along US West. We carry a wide and varied inventory of beautiful granite, marble, quartzite, limestone, travertine and other natural stone slabs quarried from some of the finest stocks from Brazil and throughout the world.

We also carry top brands of prefabricated slabs: Copastones, Silestone, Caesarstone and Neolith (please see location store pages for availability).

In our 2 locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas you will find 5,000 different slabs of marble, quartzite, granite, travertine, limestone and more in a palate of 200+ colors and patterns – we’re confident you’ll find a choice that will suit your tastes and budget.

If you can’t make it in person, then please enjoy browsing the photos we have reproduced here on this website. When you find an example that you think would be suitable for your natural stone project, then just give us a call or contact us via our easy-to use Email form and we’ll respond right away, with all the detailed information you require. We offer very reasonable prices so our inventory tends to move fast but we always have new travertine, marble, granite, quartzite and other natural and prefabricated Copastones slabs arriving from Brazil and other overseas quarries on a regular basis. It is more than likely that we have the type of stone slab you are looking for.

All our slabs arrive pre-resined and polished direct from Brazil to our RIOSTONES yard and showroom so they are all ready for cutting according to the template you require. We also have a wide and varied range of sinks, faucets and stone working tools and cleaning and maintenance products so that you can keep your natural stone countertops, vanities, floors and walls in beautiful, gleaming condition.


At RIOSTONES we make a point of treating all our clients as if you were our very first customer. We know that it can be difficult at times to finally decide on any particular color and pattern of natural stone slab when there are so many beautiful and unique samples to choose from.

We will do everything we can to help you to narrow down your choice by answering all your questions honestly and openly, and will explain all we know about the most appropriate uses for each type of natural or prefabricated stone.

We will also show you samples of the different depths of slabs, types of edgings and joints so that you can make the decision how best to finish your specific project, depending on the look you want to achieve. If you would like to find out more about the natural stone products we sell at RIOSTONES, please don’t hesitate to contact us online with all your questions, telephone or email us.


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